Guess Who's Coming to #GreekDinner

I got a quite unusual dinner invitation the other day. 


"Imagine a dinner party to celebrate Greek culture, cuisine, philosophy and heritage around the world with family, friends, and new friends. This is Greek Dinner Around the World on January 15th".

Quite confused I asked Keri Douglas, for details. Who's Keri? She holds the and she's the woman behind a great idea! 
"... join the Greek Dinner Around the World to honor your Greek heritage, cultural and connection to Greece.

If you want to organize a dinner and have it promoted – post a comment and share a photo or message. All hosts (who want to be listed) will be listed. Submit your name, city, location (if public) of your dinner, and any other important details".

Illustration by Maria Tzaboura

Holidays were something like a food marathon for most of us who actually live in Greece. Personally, hosting a dinner party right after that is like trying killing myself by eating! But the rest of my readers/followers why not "having a dinner party with friends around the world and share and promote each other’s creative ventures in books, films, art, cuisine, wine, philosophy, diplomacy, business and entrepreneurial endeavors".
Being both a culture blogger and an artist  makes me connect with the most amazing and inspiring people around the globe. Why don't you try it too by joining the #GreekDinner on the 15th?

Follow the dinner party on social media through #GreekDinnerTwitterList on Twitter, Greek Dinner Around the World on Facebook, Instagram, #GreekDinner on Pinterest and Google+. 

Original article taken from 9musesnews and can be read at Greek Dinner Around the World January 15, 2015

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